Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research
Center For Space & Remote Sensing Research


Professor & Director
Chen, Chi-Farn


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison , USA

Research interests: Remote Sensing , GIS, Image Processing, Digital Photogrammetry, Environmental Monitoring

Head of Geographic Information Systems Laboratory

Chen, Liang-Chien

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig , USA

Research interests: Remote Sensing, Digital Photogrammetry, Engineering Survey,Multi-sensor-grammetry

Head of Digital Photogrammetry Laboratory , Head of Resource Satellite Receiving Station


Liu, Gin-Rong

Ph.D., Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison , USA

Research interests: Satellite Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Radiation

Head of Meterological Satellite Laboratory

Chen, Kun-Shan

Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington , USA

Fellow, IEEE

Deputy Editor-in-Chief:IEEE J-STAR

Associate Editor (microwave) : IEEE Trans.Geoscience & Remote Sensing

Research interests:Electrical Engineering,Wave Propagation and Scattering, Microwave System Engineering, Microwave Remote Sensing and Communication, Radar Signal and Image Processing

Head of Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory

Wu, Joz

Dr.-Ing., Universitat Hannover , Germany

Research interests: Surveying (Civil Engineering), Satellite Geodesy, Adjustment Theory, Geomatics

Head of Satellite Surveying and Navigation Laboratory

Liou, Yuei-An

Ph.D., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Honorary Life Member, The Korean Society of Remote Sensing

Co-Chairman, Environmental Monitoring from space of East Asia

Chair Professor, Ching Yun University

Editorial Advisory Board Member, GPS Solutions .

Research interests: Remote Sensing,Atmospheric Science (Microwave Remote Sensing), GPS Meteorology, Electrical Engineering (EM theory)

Head of Hydrology Remote Sensing Lab

Tsai, Lung-Chih


Ph.D., Utah State University , USA

Research interests: Ionospheric Physics, Radar Signal Processing

Head of Ionospheric Sounding Laboratory

Chang, Chung-Pai

Ph.D., Universite Paris ¢¾, France

Research interests: Structural Geology, Geological Data Processing, Geological Remote Sensing

Head of Geological Remote Sensing Laboratory


Associate Professor
Tsai, Fuan

Ph.D., Cornell University , USA

Research interests: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, High Performance Image Processing, Geoinformatic Systems, Scientific Visualization , Geovisualization

Head of Geocomputing Laboratory

Associate Professor
Ren, Hsuan

Ph.D., University of Maryland , Baltimore county, USA

Research interests: Image Processing, Target Detection, Pattern Recongnition

Head of Pattern Computing Laboratory


Associate Professor
Lin, Tang-Huang

Ph.D., National Central University, R.O.C.

Research interests: Remote Sensing of Environmental Monitor, Aerosol Properties Retrieval, Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Data,

Head of Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory


Assistant Professor
Chian-Yi Liu

Ph.D., Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA.

Research Interests: Meteorological Satellite Remote Sensing, Meteorological Satellite Algorithm Developing, Data Processing and Application, Atmospheric Radiation, Atmospheric Thermodynamics


Head of Geophysical Radiation and Atmospheric Composition Exploration Laboratory (GRACE Lab)

Chu , Yen-Hsyang

Ph.D., National Central University , Taiwan

Research interests: Radar Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Space, Ionospheric Physics, Signal Analysis and Processing, Radio Wave Propagation

Head of Radio Wave Propagation Laboratory

Fan, Kuo-Chin

Ph.D., University of Florida , USA

Research interests: Pattern Recongnition, Computer Vision, Image Processing

Head of Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition Laboratory

Liu, Jann-Yenq

Ph.D., Utah State University , USA

Research interests:

Ionospheric Physics, Space Physics

Head of Ionospheric Radio Science Laboratory



Chen, A. J.

Ph.D., Rice University , USA

Research interests: Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Space Physics


Norden E. Huang

Ph.D., Fluid Mechanics, The Johns Hopkins Univ.

Member, National Academy of Engineering(2000)

Academician, Academia Sinica(2004)

TSMC Chair Professor,

Director of Center for Adaptive Data Analysis Research

Research interests: Ocean Science , Mathematics, Civil Engineering.






Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research

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