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曾國欣 教授


  • 衛星測高
  • 大地測量
  • 環境遙測
  • 多光譜影像分析


  • 曾教授在2012年於美國俄亥俄州立大學地球科學系大地測量組取得博士學位,畢業後於2012-2014年間擔任該系博士後研究員。研究議題為利用測高及遙感衛星資料觀測海平面、內陸水與水資源變化。
  • 於2012-2013年兼任該校公共衛生學系環境健康科學組博士後研究員。研究議題包括利用遙測技術評估媒介傳染病擴散範圍,與利用多光譜影像估計淡水藻華分佈。
  • 太遙中心主聘
  • 土木系從聘
  • 水海所從聘

  • 美國俄亥俄州立大學地球科學系博士, 2012/08
  • 國立交通大學土木工程學系學士, 2005/06

  • 國立中央大學 太空及遙測研究中心 副教授 (2018/08-now)
  • 國立中央大學 秘書室校友服務中心 主任 (2021/02-2023/01)
  • 國立中央大學 太空及遙測研究中心 助理教授 (2016/08-2018/07)
  • 國立中央大學 太空及遙測研究中心 專案助理教授 (2014/08-2016/07)
  • 俄亥俄州立大學 地球科學系 博士後研究員 (2012/08-2014/07)
  • 俄亥俄州立大學 公共衛生學系 博士後研究員 (2012/08-2013/07)
  • 俄亥俄州立大學 地球科學系 研究助理 (2007/09-2012/07)

期刊論文     研討會論文

» 期刊論文 Journal Papers
2023 (2 papers)
  • Tsai, Y.L.S and Tseng, K.H. (2023). Monitoring Multidecadal Coastline Change and Reconstructing Tidal Flat Topography. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation (accepted) (SCIE, 2021IF:7.67)
  • Tseng, K.H., Yang, T.H., Chen, P.Y., Chien, H., Chen, C.F., & Hung, Y.C. (2023). Exploring the Feasibility of Mitigating Flood Hazards by an Existing Pond System in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Drones, 7(1), 1. (SCIE, 2021IF:5.53)
2022 (4 papers)
  • Tran, T. L. C., Huang, Z.C., Tseng, K.H., & Chou, P.H. (2022). Detection of Bottle Marine Debris Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Machine Learning Techniques. Drones, 6(12), 401. (SCIE, 2021IF:5.53)
  • Lee, C.M., Kuo, C.Y., Yang, C.H., Kao, H.C., Tseng, K.H., & Lan, W.H. (2022). Assessment of Hydrological Changes in Inland Water Body Using Satellite Altimetry and Landsat Imagery: A Case Study on Tsengwen Reservoir, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 44, 101227. (SCIE, 2021IF:5.44)
  • Son, N.T., Chen, C.F., Cheng, Y. S., Toscano, P., Chen, C.R., Chen, S.L., Tseng, K.H., Syu, C.H., Guo, H.Y., & Lin, H.S. (2022). Field-scale rice yield prediction from Sentinel-2 monthly image composites using machine learning algorithms. Ecological Informatics, 69, 101618. (SCIE, 2021IF:4.50)
  • Nguyen, M., Lin, Y. N., Tran, Q. C., Ni, C. F., Chan, Y. C., Tseng, K. H., & Chang, C. P. (2022). Assessment of long-term ground subsidence and groundwater depletion in Hanoi, Vietnam. Engineering Geology, 106555. (SCIE, 2021IF: 6.90)
2021 (6 papers)
  • Nguyen, V. A., Ren, H., Huang, C. Y., & Tseng, K. H. (2021). Bathymetry derivation in shallow water of the South China Sea with ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2 data. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 15(4), 044513. (SCIE, 2021IF: 1.57)
  • Hsu, H.J., Huang, C.Y., Jasinski, M., Li, Y., Gao, H., Yamanokuchi, T., Wang, C.G., Chang, T.M., Ren, H., Kuo, C.Y., and Tseng, K.H.* (2021). A Semi- empirical Scheme for Bathymetric Mapping in Shallow Water by ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2: A Case Study in the South China Sea. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 178, 1-19. (SCIE, 2021IF: 11.77)
  • Abdalla, S., Abdeh Kolahchi, A., Adusumilli, S. et al. (including Tseng, K.H.) (2021). Altimetry for the future: Building on 25 years of progress. Advances in Space Research, 68(2), 319-363. (SCIE, 2021IF: 2.61)
  • Hwang, C., Wei, S.H, Cheng, Y.S, Abulaitijiang., A., Andersen, O.B., Chao, N.F., Peng, H.Y., Tseng., K.H., and Lee, J.C. (2021). Glacier and lake level change from TOPEX-series and Cryosat-2 altimeters in Tanggula: Comparison with satellite imagery. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 32,1-20. (SCIE, 2021IF: 0.96)
  • Imani, M., Lan, W.H., Chen, P.C., Tseng, K.H., Kao, H.C., Lee, C.M., and Kuo, C.Y. (2021). A multi-regional and global component inundation risk assessment in the southwest of Taiwan (Tainan city). Water, 13(6), 880. (SCIE, 2021IF: 3.53)
  • 林莉珊、劉建良、吳益裕、鄭詠祥、楊亞臻、陳繼藩、蔡富安、曾國欣(2021年01 月)。運用超高解析衛星進行疏濬高程控制可行性研究。國土測繪與空間資訊,9(1),49-66。
2020 (3 papers)
  • Liibusk, A., Kall, T., Rikka, S., Uiboupin, R., Suursaar, Ü., and Tseng, K.H. (2020). Validation of Copernicus sea level altimetry products in the Baltic Sea and Estonian lakes. Remote Sensing, 12(24), 4062. (SCIE, 2020IF: 4.85)
  • Li., Y., Gao, H., Zhao, G., and Tseng, K.H. (2020). A high-resolution bathymetry dataset for global reservoirs using multi-source satellite imagery and altimetry. Remote Sensing of Environment, 244, 111831. (SCIE, 2020IF: 10.16)
  • Liao, W. T., Tseng, K. H.*, Lee, I. T., Liibusk, A., Lee, J. C., Liu, J. Y., Chang, C.P., and Lin, Y. C. (2020). Sentinel-1 interferometry with ionospheric correction from global and local TEC maps for land displacement detection in Taiwan. Advances in Space Research, 65(5), 1447-1465. (SCIE, 2020IF: 2.15).
2019 (5 papers)
  • 彭新雅、曾國欣、錢樺、陳彥杕(2019年07月)。運用多時期衛星影像探討外傘頂洲變遷。國土測繪與空間資訊,7(2),103-119。
  • 洪一展、萬泓顯、蔡沛芸、廖婉婷、曾國欣(2019年06月)。運用無人飛行載具吊掛簡易聲納測量水體參數。航測及遙測學刊,24(2),135-146。
  • Kao, H. C., Kuo, C. Y., Tseng, K. H., Shum, C. K., Tseng, T. P., Jia, Y. Y., ... & Hussain, D. (2019). Assessment of Cryosat-2 and SARAL/AltiKa altimetry for measuring inland water and coastal sea level variations: A case study on Tibetan Plateau lake and Taiwan Coast. Marine Geodesy, 42(4), 327-343. (SCIE, 2019IF: 1.32).
  • Hussain, D., Kuo, C.Y., Hameed, A., Tseng, K.H., Jan, B., Abbas, N., Kao, H.C., Lan, W.H., Imani, M. (2019). Spaceborne Satellite for Snow Cover and Hydrological Characteristic of Gilgit River Basin, Hindukush–Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan. Sensors, 19(3), 531. (SCIE, 2019IF: 3.28).
  • Tseng, K.H., Kuo, C.Y., Lo, M.H., Shum, C.K., Rahman, M.M., Jia, Y., Yang, T.Y., and Shih, P.H. (2019). Using MODIS/Terra and Landsat Imageries to Improve Surface Water Quantification in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 30(1), 1-16. (SCIE, 2019IF: 0.73).
2018 (6 papers)
  • Liu, G., Schwartz, F., Tseng, K.H., Shum, C.K., and Lee, S. (2018). Satellite Altimetry for Measuring River Stages in Remote Regions, Environmental Earth Sciences, 77(18), 639. (SCIE, 2018IF: 1.87)
  • Getirana, A., Jung, H.C., and Tseng, K.H. (2018). Deriving Three Dimensional Reservoir Bathymetry from Multi-satellite Data, Remote Sensing of Environment, 217, 366-374. (SCIE, 2018IF: 8.22)
  • 曾國欣、蔡富安、李睿綺、張中白(2018年06月)。雷達衛星輔助工程環境監測 — 開放資料的潛力與機會。土木水利「新世代空間資訊技術於土木水利工程之整合應用」特刊,45(3)。
  • 陳永彧、吳瑞賢、曾國欣、彭新雅(2018年03月)。應用衛星影像監測石門水庫集水區水體濁度。臺灣水利, 66(1),13-25。(EI)。
  • Huang, Z. C., Yeh, C. Y., Tseng, K. H., & Hsu, W. Y. (2018). A UAV-RTK-lidar system for wave and tide measurements in coastal zones. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 35, 1557–1570. (SCIE, 2018IF: 2.22)
  • 曾國欣、彭新雅、廖文弘、陳繼藩、郭重言(2018年01月)。利用衛星影像劃設 金門海岸潮間帶與監測時序變化。國土測繪與空間資訊,6(1),32-48。
2017 (9 papers)
  • Huang, Z., Wang, H., Luo, Z., Shum, C.K., Tseng, K.H., Zhong, Bo. (2017). Improving Jason-2 Sea Surface Heights within 10 km Offshore by Retracking Decontaminated Waveforms. Remote Sensing, 9(10), 1077. (SCIE, 2017IF: 3.41)
  • Lien, W.H., Lin, T.H., Liu, G.R., Tseng, K.H., Tsai, F.A., and Liu, C.Y. (2017). Associations between Aerosol Types and Chlorophyll-a Concentration over Coastal Area in East Asia from Satellite Observations. International Journal of Marine and Environmental Sciences, 1, 15-24.
  • Tseng, K.H., Kuo, C.Y., Lin, T.H., Huang, Z.C., Lin, Y.C., Liao, W.H., and Chen, C.F. (2017) Reconstruction of Time-Varying Tidal Flat Topography Using Optical Remote Sensing Imageries. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 131, 92-103. (SCIE, 2017IF: 5.99)
  • Lan, W.H., Kuo, C.Y., Kao, H.C., Lin, L.C., Shum, C.K., and Tseng, K.H. (2017). Impacts of geophysical and datum corrections on absolute sea-level trend from tide gauges around Taiwan, 1993–2015. Water, 9(7), 480. (SCIE, 2017IF: 2.07).
  • Tian, D., Xie, G., Tian J., Tseng, K.H., Shum, C.K., Lee, J., and Liang, S. (2017). Spatiotemporal Variability and Environmental Factors of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) over Western Lake Erie. PLoS ONE, 12(6), e0179622. (SCIE, 2017IF: 2.77)
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2016 (4 papers)
  • Liu, C.Y., S.C. Kuo, A. H.N. Lim, S.C. Hsu, K.H. Tseng, N.C. Yeh, Y.C. Yang, 2016, Optimal Use of Space-Borne Advanced Infrared and Microwave Soundings for Regional Numerical Weather Prediction, Remote Sensing. 8(10),816. (SCIE, 2016IF: 3.24)
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2015 (3 papers)
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2014 (3 papers)
  • Tseng, K.-H., C. Shum, Y. Yi, W. J. Emery, C. Kuo, H. Lee, and H. Wang, 2014, The Improved Retrieval of Coastal Sea Surface Height by Retracking Modified Radar Altimetry Waveforms, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 52(2), 991-1001. (SCI, 2014IF: 3.51)
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2013 (2 papers)
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2011 (4 papers)
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2010 (1 papers)
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» 研討會論文 Conference Papers
2022 (1 papers)
  • Tseng K.H. and Hsiao-Jou Hsu, Observation of Sea Level near Taiwan by Sentinel-6 SAR Altimeter, 2022 AGU Fall Meeting, Chicago, USA, 12–16 Dec 2022. (poster)
2019 (2 papers)
  • Tseng, K.H., Hsu, H.J., and Lin, Y.C, Use of ICESat-2 Laser Altimetry to Estimate Coastal Sea Level and Shallow Water Bathymetry in Dongsha Islands, Taiwan, 2019 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 9–13 Dec 2019.
  • Tseng., K.H., Shum, C.K., Ma, W.H., Kuo, C.Y., Jia, Y.Y., Monitoring Inland Waterbody from Multiple Remote Sensing Satellites: A Case Study in Tsengwen Reservoir, Taiwan, The 4th COSPAR Symposium, Herzliya, Israel, 4–8 Nov, 2019.
2018 (5 papers)
  • Tseng, K.H., Ma, W.H., Kuo, C.Y., and Shum, C.K., Waveform Filtering and Modification for SAR Altimetry Missions in Coastal Areas, 2018 AGU Fall Meeting, Washington D.C., USA, 10–14 Dec 2018. (invited)
  • Tseng, K.H., Kuo, C.Y., Lo, M.H., Shih, P.H., The Improved Subsurface Water Observation from An Integration of Optical Remote Sensing and Gravimetry Satellites, 15th AOGS Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 3-8 Jun, 2018.
  • Tseng, K.H., Jia, Y., Chen, Y.D., Mascaro, J., and Shum, C.K., Integrating Multi-Resolution Remote Sensing Satellites and DTU10 Tide model to Reconstruct Tidal Flat DEM, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8–13 April 2018.
  • Tseng, K.H., and Lee, J.C., Combining Sentinel Satellites to Monitor Water Level Variation in Namco, Tibet, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2018, Vienna, Austria, 8–13 April 2018.
  • Tseng, K.H., Water Resources Observed by Satellite Data, 2018 Estonia-Taiwan Workshop on Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Geodetic Applications, Estonia University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia, 5 Apr 2018.
2017 (2 papers)
  • Tseng, K.H. and Huang, C.H., Shallow Water Bathymetry Estimated by Combined Photogrammetry and Multispectral Approaches, International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2017, Nagoya, Japan, 17–19 May 2017.
  • Tseng, K.-H., Integrating Remote Sensing Imageries to Reconstruct the DEM of Intertidal Zone, 2017 JAPAN-TAIWAN Workshop on Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Mitigation, Tokyo, Japan, 16 Jan 2017.
2016 (2 papers)
  • Tseng, K.-H., K.T. Liu, C.K. Shum, Y. Jia, K. Shang, C. Dai, Quantification of Glacier Depletion in The Central Tibetan Plateau by Using Integrated Satellite Remote Sensing and Gravimetry, XXIII ISPRS Congress 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, 12–19 Jul 2016.
  • Tseng, K.-H., C.P. Chang, C.K. Shum, C.Y. Kuo, K.T. Liu, P.H. Shih, K. Shang, Y. Jia, J. Sun, Monitoring Mass Change in the Central Tibetan Plateau Using Combined Satellite Altimetry, Remote Sensing and Gravimetry, 2016 Taiwan Geosciences Assembly (TGA) Taipei, Taiwan, 16–20 May 2016.
2015 (6 papers)
  • Tseng, K.-H., G. T. Liu, and C. Y. Kuo, Improved Coastal Sea Surface Height Measurement by Remote Sensing and Altimetry Satellite, International Symposium on Remote Sensing 2015, Tainan, Taiwan, 22–24 Apr 2015.
  • Tseng, K.-H., Secular Sea-Level and Coastline Projection over Yangtze Delta from Remote Sensing Imagery, Yangtze Delta Coastal Vulnerability: Towards An Integrated Social And Natural Science Framework For Urban Sustainability (Yang-SOS) Workshop, Shanghai, China, 6–8 Jul 2015.
  • Tseng, K.-H., G. T. Liu, and C. K. Shum, Remote Sensing Techniques for Flood Mapping over Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River Basin, The International Workshop on Tibet Plateau Mass Migration and Its Mechanism (TPMM), Lhasa, Tibet, China, 9-16 Jul 2015.
  • Tseng, K.-H., G.T. Liu, and C. K. Shum, Evolutionary Detectability of Ocean and Inland Water Variation from Multidecadal Satellite Altimetry, SPIE Remote Sensing Conference, 21–24 Sep 2015.
  • Tseng, K.-H., and G. T. Liu, Improved River Level Retrieval in South Asia by SARAL/AltiKa Radar Altimetry, 36th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, 19–23 Oct 2015.
  • Tseng, K.-H., C.K. Shum, C.Y. Kuo, H. Lee, and K.T. Liu, Detectability of Water Level along Yaluzangbu and Brahmaputra River Demonstrated by Envisat, Jason-2, and SARAL/AltiKa, AGU, 14–18 Dec 2015.
2014 (2 papers)
  • Tseng, K.-H., C. K. Shum, H. Lee, C.Y. Kuo, Y. Yi, Q. Guo, Monitoring Mekong River Level Change by Satellite Altimetry, 35th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, 27–31 Oct 2014.
  • Tseng, K.-H., Monitoring Floods from Integrated Satellite Altimetry, Radiometry, and Gravimetry, TAIWAN- JAPAN Workshop on Remote Sensing Applications for Global Environment Monitoring and Infrastructure Monitoring on Disaster Mitigation, Taipei, Taiwan, 08–09 Dec 2014.
2013 (5 papers)
  • Tseng, K.-H., C. K. Shum, A. Braun, G. Cogley, J. Duan, J. Wan, K. Zhu, Quantification of Tianshan Glacier Mass Balance Change Integrating Landsat Imagery and Digital Elevation Models, IAG 150 YEARS Symposium 2013, Potsdam, Germany, 1–6 September 2013.
  • Tseng, K.-H., C. K. Shum, H. Lee, J. Wan, Z. Huang, J. Duan, Y. Yi, Quantification of Asian and Alaskan Glacier Dynamic Since 1990s – A Multi-Satellite Approach, ESA Living Planet Symposium, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 9–13 September 2013.
  • Tseng, K.-H., C. K. Shum, A. Braun, J. Cogley, J. Duan, H. Lee, K. Zhu, Using Multiple Spaceborne Sensors to Quantify Glacier Mass Balance Change in Central Asia, 2013 Asia-Pacific Space Geodynamics (APSG) International Symposium, Columbus, OH, USA, 14–17 October 2013.
  • Tseng, K.-H., J. Lee, F. Zhang, C. Lee, C. Hu, C. K. Shum, Quantifying Harmful Algal Blooms Using Satellite Remote Sensing: A Case Study at Lake Erie, 2013 ESA Living Planet Symposium, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 9–13 September 2013.
  • Tseng, K.-H., C. K. Shum, J. Lee, Harmful Algal Blooms in Eutrophicated Fresh Lakes, Sentinel-3 Validation Team 1st Meeting, ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, 26–29 November 2013.
2012 (5 papers)
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2011 (3 papers)
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2010 (2 papers)
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2009 (1 papers)
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年度 計畫名稱 計畫內擔任之工作 委託單位
111 建構SAR衛星多時序與近即時海岸帶整合監測平台--建構SAR衛星多時序與近即時海岸帶整合監測平台(1/3) 主持人 科技部
110 發展Sentinel-6 SAR測高衛星近岸波形重定技術 主持人 國科會
110 以半自動處理短基線差分干涉雷達衛星影像探討季節性地表變形(3/3) 主持人 國科會
109 島礁變遷監測管理及水深反演技術精進與應用工作案(110-111) 主持人 內政部
109 校正InSAR觀測以提升測地精度--校正InSAR觀測以提升測地精度 主持人 國科會
109 以半自動處理短基線差分干涉雷達衛星影像探討季節性地表變形(2/3) 主持人 國科會
108 台灣海岸帶變遷與海陸交互作用研究:科學基礎與社會關連--利用多時期衛星影像監測桃園海岸變化 主持人 科技部
108 以半自動處理短基線差分干涉雷達衛星影像探討季節性地表變形 主持人 科技部
108 Using ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 to Decompose Land Subsidence Associated with Multiple Land Use in Taiwan 主持人 日本宇宙航空機構(JAXA)
107 衛星監測沿海地層下陷與評估相對海平面上升災害潛勢 主持人 科技部
107 GNSS精密軌道產品與應用發展 主持人 國家太空中心
106 三維智慧海岸基礎資料建置案 主持人 內政部
106 運用ICESat-2雷射測高衛星先期資料於臺灣水文監測 (一般型研究計畫) 主持人 科技部
106 利用GNSS反射訊號監測海表面變化初步研究 (一般型研究計畫) 共同主持人 科技部
106 遙測技術應用與農作物保險發展 (一般型研究計畫) 共同主持人 科技部
105 淺層崩塌降雨警戒基準與檢監測技術評估研究--子計畫:降雨引發淺層崩塌之可犧牲式監測元件研發(I) (一般型研究計畫) 共同主持人 科技部
105 中短期氣候變動對臺灣水庫及沿海水質影響評估(I) (新進人員研究計畫) 主持人 科技部
105 105年度多衛星觀測臺灣水資源變遷與建置流域水情資料庫 主持人 科技部
104 104年度連結災害預測模式之主動式資料服務 共同主持人 國家太空中心
104 104年度多衛星觀測臺灣水資源變遷與建置流域水情資料庫 (新進人員研究計畫) 主持人 科技部
104 104年度利用測高衛星資料觀測近岸海水面與重建沿岸高程模型 (新進人員研究計畫) 主持人 科技部
103 Use of Icesat-2 Ground and Water Level Elevation Data towards Establishing A Seasonal and Flash Flood Early Warning System in The Lower Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River Basin 主持人 美國國家航空暨太空總署(NASA)


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